Friday, November 24, 2006

Life is Crazy.... crazy

Today my nurse came in to talk to me about a patient in a room next to me who came into the hosptial funneled to her stitch. This patient was here for a little while before she ruptured. The nurse said she is very nervous and wanted to know if I would speak with her and tell her my own experience... about my wonderful outcome. (Of course)

When I visited an Incompetent Cervix Support board I go to, I said a few sentences about the patient in a post I wrote- asking for prayers for her. The next time I visited the board there was a thread addressed to me. In it the poster asked if my nurses name is Chantelle... which it is.

The person who is in the room next to me is someone I've been talking to on this message board. How crazy is that???? I've even tried to encourage her with my story online.

It is such a small world!

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Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!!! That's about all I can say. It is incredible how people are brought together :)