Thursday, February 14, 2008

So busy!

February is looking hard. David is going out of town for the majority of the month, leaving me in charge of two little ones. I told him that I am not qualified for such a job but he assures me that I am.

How are the kids? Doing okay. We have a rolling sickness in the house. First Margaret gets it, passes it on to William by the time she is almost well. Then when he is almost well, she picks up something else. And the cycle continues. The latest illness has settled in Margaret's lungs which means she will rattle and cough for a month. When is spring?!?

Margaret is running a bit now. She still falls over if someone even looks at her funny but in general, she seems to still be progressing with her motor skills. No jumping but we are working on it. It is only when I see other kids much younger than her doing these things that it hits me that she is delayed. Otherwise, she seems perfectly fine to me.

William has had a huge growth spurt and I think needs a baclofen increase. Currently, he is on 7.5mg a day. This dose was started when he was 17 pounds... he is now up to 22 pounds (a moose) so I think it is time to increase his dose. His muscle spasms are out of control and he is losing some of his arm control b/c he is super tight again. Diaper change also seems to be very uncomfortable for him when I lift his little legs, stretching his hamstrings.

All in all, not much has changed. I will try to get up new photos soon!