Monday, November 20, 2006

Hospital Again

Well, I'm back in the hospital. This time for the duration, I think.

I got the fast track here when I had a contraction in the middle of my tvus. The contraction completely thinned my cervix. So, before contraction I was down to 0.6cm and during I was 0.0cm. I was immediately taken to L&D where I am now.... waiting.

Right now I'm getting IV fluids, antibiotics, and something to stop the contractions. I was having them 4-5 minutes apart when they first started the monitoring... but I couldn't feel them. I think they have slowed down now but can't be sure. I've also started another 4 day round of Motrin.

The nurses are all zipping around me like I'm going to have this baby any minute. Making me nervous... AND, they have me on the clear liquid diet. Yum. I'm hungry. Somehow chicken broth just doesn't hit the spot.

I'll update again later when things are a little more settled.


Reg said...

Ugh. I wish I could help. That baby is determined to make his entrance into the world a dramatic one, isn't he? Maybe he'll be an actor...

tiffany said...

Did you get the steroid shots yet for the lungs? Take care hon, thinking of you, Tiff and Liam