Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Daycare Day Two

At least she wasn't snuffing today when she was picked up. And she wasn't totally wracked out by the time she got home so I was able to give her the bottle that the daycare could not get her to take. This will bode better for today and tonight. Last night was rough.

Still, she wouldn't eat any food or drink anything. I'm hoping that as she starts to trust them more, she will be able to eat or take a bottle. We are really going to have to step up the sippy cup usage. I've been pretty lax about it.

I can tell that she cried a bit today but she really did seem okay when she got home... still feeling guilty. On an average day at home, she doesn't cry at all.

As a whole, better than yesterday. Let's hope that tomorrow is better, still.


Reg said...

She will definitely get used to it. She's a tough little girl and so are you. She will learn to take the bottle from the daycare staff, I'm sure of it.

k said...

I hope it goes better every day, too! But not so great that she'll be running out the door to get there, right ;)

How are you feeling? Drop a quick email if you feel up to it!

Mel said...

Hang in there! Molly started daycare at 14 mo actual and ended up doing GREAT!! She loves it now, and is about the only kid who could care less when I leave her in the morning or when I come to pick her up. It takes a few days, but then look out, school will be SO much more fun and she will be waving bye bye before you're even out the door!