Thursday, November 09, 2006

Celestone Sweats

Well, I made it into the hospital. For now it is just for the Celestone (steroid) shots to mature the baby's lungs and to monitor me for contractions.

So far as a result of my shots, I am sweating like I'm going through menopause. Even my thighs are sweating. And I feel like getting up and doing some exercise. Other than that, I'm good. It is only been five hours or so and my usually very painful wrist is feeling quite normal. I was hoping that the dosage would be such that it would relieve some of my tendonitis pain.

Dinner was okay. I can't get what I've been craving until tomorrow for lunch. So sad that I have been craving certain dishes from the cafeteria here for a while. Trying to watch the carbs and sugar, though, since Celestone can really mess up my blood sugar and this boy is big already.

Speaking of... baby looked good. He is still measuring two weeks ahead in all areas except for his femur (thigh bone) which is measuring more than three weeks ahead. The tech asked if my husband is tall... well, yeah. And then she told me that he is really long and because of that his estimated weight is 2 pounds and 10 ounces... that is HUGE for 26 weeks.

My cervix had shortened some but am unsure of the actual measurement. I think 0.8 cm but I will ask the doc when I see him in the morning.

So sweating and hot and missing my baby terribly... that's me!


Vicki said...

Hang in there Lisa, you are doing great. How many weeks are you now? Can Little Margaret visit you in the hospital? Is there anything I can do?

Much love,

Aunt Vicki

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Just wanted to pop in and say Hi! Hang in there! The baby boy sounds like he's doing great!

Reg said...

You're strong, you'll get through this. You're in my thoughts. Let me know when you're settled and I'll come by.