Thursday, October 26, 2006

Viability and other News!

Today I am officially 24 weeks pregnant and the baby is now considered viable... or able to live outside the womb. Though, if he were born now, his chances still aren't great and the risk of long-term problems is very high. Our next big milestone is 28 weeks when the survival statistics are much better and long-term problems are less likely. I am counting every day as a milestone, though, because at this stage of pregnancy, every day the baby is inside increases his survival odds by 3%. This is a crucial time.

That being said, I had another appointment with my perinatologist yesterday. My cervix continues to shorten and funnel more despite my strict bedrest at home. The length of my cervix is now 1.6-1.7 cm down from 2.6 two weeks ago. The doc gave me the option of going into the hospital yesterday but I declined after listening to his reasoning for waiting. I plan to go in next week if I am offered that option again... and I will be.

I did not receive my steroid shots this week because the doctor does not feel as though delivery is immanent. And he says the longer you wait to get the shots, they better they tend to work. So we will see how things look next week and make a decision from there. Based on the change seen in my cervix since my last appointment, the doctor says he estimates my delivery to be around 28 weeks. Not terrible but certainly not what I had hoped for. I'm still praying for 32.

So that's my news and I will now resume doing a whole lot of nothing....


Vicki said...


Your pictures of Little Margaret are so cute and a testiment to the ability you have to do what is necessary to get babies into this world. I am amazed at your strength and level headedness. I know there are tough days now, but I also know that you can handle whatever it brings.

Kiss the little one for me, and read aloud to my little grand nephew while you are resting. Harry Potter is a good choice.

Reg said...

Margaret is so cute. I just want to pinch those beautiful cheeks. If you need anything, please don't hesitate. I've been known to pick up a broom once in a while so I could help out...
Anyway, stay strong and I will continue to pray for you and your precious family.

Bill and Ali said...

This is A0ra from the babycenter, I never realized the viability increases by 3% each day during the 24th week, WOW. But, as you know even having a 28 weeker is nooo picnic. I'm thinking tons of good thoughts for you to keep that baby in you as long as possible!

I also hope you aren't going to crazy on bedrest, pretty soon life will be crazy enough!