Friday, October 06, 2006

How being a cheater hurts...

I have a terrible case of tendonitis in both thumbs. Not to mention the raging carpal tunnel I've had for years... But right now the right thumb is making it so hard to function. I have to grit my teeth when I pick up Margaret. I wear wrist braces at night and have to wrap my thumb so that it is also immobile. Still, I wake up frequently at night with dead hands and searing pain in my wrist. This is only supposed to get worse with pregnancy.

What can I take? Nothing, really. I take Tylenol but it does nothing at all. I can't take any anti-inflammatory meds during pregnancy. I wear my braces as much as I can.

What I can do: I can go to my orthopedist and get steroid injections in my wrists and thumbs. Why don't I, you ask? The reason is this: the drug they use for the injections is Celestone- the same drug they injected me with to mature Margaret's lungs when we were in the hospital. So, I'm trying to wait until I reach 24 weeks and the injections that I receive may serve a double duty. Maybe. If there is even the slightest chance it can help this new baby, then I'm going to wait it out. Only two weeks and six days.

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