Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hospital time?

Tomorrow is my next Peri appointment and I'm taking all of my hospital stuff with me. I was hoping to put off my admission into the hospital until Friday so that I could help David with Margaret's 15 month appointment on Thursday. But as it is now, I'm not getting as much down time during the day as I feel I need. I can tell because I get crampy at the end of the day. I've also been having a lot more contractions.

So, depending on my measurement I may go ahead and check into the hospital tomorrow afternoon. I'm expecting that I will be right around 1.0cm. Ugh. Only a little over 3 weeks until I reach the magic 28. Seems so far away.


tiffany said...

You've made it past 24 weeks and remember how far away that seemed when you were at 20? You can do it! We're rooting and praying for you every single day.

Big hugs, Tiffany

Kellie said...

Still praying for you Lisa! You're doing a great job keeping little Monkey in there growing and healthy. Everyday is so precious and as much as I know how bad the T-burg position is...it will take the pressure off your cervix and force you to rest. Let me know what you need at the hospital and a goodie package will be on its way. Give Margaret a huge hug....I can't wait to hear all about her 15 month appt!

Amanda said...

I am praying for you as well! 28 weeks will be here before you know it! As Tiff said we are rooting for you!

k said...

You can do it, Lisa! I'm always so glad to "see" you every single day and I know you'll make the magic 28 weeks! Like Tiff said- when 20w rolled around it seemed like 24 was a lifetime away. I'm sorry (in a good way ;) ) that the hospital is the place you and the new monkey need to be... Know that you're in my thoughts-