Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Milestone of Sorts

Well, I made it. 22w6d. Officially the longest I've been pregnant with my amniotic sac still intact. Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life. But I made it. Now, I can focus on 24w- viability. Eight more long days.


Kellie said...

YAY! I thought and prayed about you all day yesterday. I just kept thinking about how hard it was going to be for you to make it through yesterday without worrying, overanalyzing, and jumping at every twinge, cramp, and wetness you experienced. I never made it to my 1st pPROM anniversary but I'm so happy that you have passed yours. Keep growing strong and healthy little monkey....we're all routing for you!

Margaret said...

Wonderful news! I just know you are going to go all the way and Margaret is going to come stay with me. Yeah, right.

Vicki said...

Lisa that's great. You can stop fretting now and get on with rest and enjoying Margaret. Don't forget I will come if you need me.