Thursday, October 19, 2006

Story of a Sick Monkey

As many of you already know, our Margaret had to be taken to the Emergency Room on Friday night because she was throwing up too much. It started pretty normally... she "spit up" her bottle each time during the day but then about 6 pm (just in time for Daddy to get home from work), she started increasing the frequency of her vomiting. By 8 pm she was throwing up every 10-15 minutes... we started to see bile. When I tried to give her water, she drank her two ounces eagerly. And then she threw it up. That was when I decided to take her to the ER. I was pretty sure she was not yet dehydrated but I didn't want to wait until she was... hoping to avoid having her admitted overnight.

By the time we got to the hospital, she was throwing up every five minutes and it was bright green. Poor baby was flirting with the nurses and doctors in her precious moments between vomiting. I could tell she felt awful.

She started getting IV fluids and Zofran at about 10:45pm and we were released at 1am when all her bloodwork came back that she was not dehydrated. It was scary and heart wrenching.

The next day she got a fever and the diarrhea began. Poor baby still isn't herself. Her eating has suffered greatly and she has lost TWO POUNDS. This really worries me because a) she didn't have much to spare and b) she has her 15 month pediatrician appointment soon. I'm afraid of her "falling off her curve" because of this episode.

Yeah, and forward facing? No time soon!

Here are some pics from Margaret's first ER trip. (silly Mommy)

Sick Baby
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So Sleepy
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Mommy forgot to bring my blankie... but found an ER one!
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Baby IVs are no fun.
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Reg said...

You sure have alot on your plate. Her little face looked so pitiful. I hope she is feeling better now and getting her appetite back.

tiffany said...

Actually you will be very surprised when she recovers how quickly she will put the two pounds back on. Stella told me, and others too but I thought there was no way. But sure enough when Liam's stomach flu ended after a week, it was chow-down time!! Never seen him eat so much.

Hang in there because I bet the same will happen with Margaret once she's better. (Plus remember alot of it is fluid that she's lost - not actual weight).

k said...

She'll bounce back, Lisa. She still looks really precious in her 'sick' photos :) Daddy, OTOH, doesn't look too thrilled in the last one... maybe it was just one too many pictures for him? Kidding of course...

I hope her appetite picks up very soon!