Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I can't resist

Presented for your evaluation... Margaret's version of The Evolution of Dance. As seen in the video we have her four "dances":

1. The booty bop
2. The clasped hands side to side rock
3. The "casting a spell" (my absolute favorite!)
4. The leg kick

(music courtesy of Dressy Bessy)


Jessica said...

hahaha that was so cute! It had me rollin on the floor practically.

Vicki said...

They are soooo cute, and look just alike. I am amazed at Margaret's musical rhythm. Maybe she will be on stage.

As for William, he is so strong and alert. I know you are busy now, but it will be better soon. They look healthy and happy.


Amanda said...

That was so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

That was adorable!