Monday, February 12, 2007

Home again, home again

William was released from the NICU on Saturday night with no answers other than he does not have NEC. That is good enough for me! I have doubled his Miralax dosage as per his Ped and he has had a few successful poops today. The very strange completely desiccated poop "flakes" seem to be mixed in with his now normal looking breastmilk poop. I have a referral to a pediatric GI and I plan to take William for a consult as soon as there is an opening.

All the good pooping seems to have made William a little happier. He actually let me sleep two consecutive hours last night without holding him. It was lovely.

What I want to know is how in a week's time he has gone from sleeping on his own in the NICU to not being able to sleep unless he is on my chest??? Is it just a rough transition for him? Or does he have my number already?

Margaret seems to be warming up a bit to William. She now approaches him with a grin, uncovers him and touches his body (much more gently than she touches the cat!). I'm greatly relieved.


Jessica said...

Hey Lisa~ I am glad little William is home. I really think to answer your question it is a sensory/immature nervous system thing (about the sleeping on your chest). I know I've told you how we slept with our preemies in the recliner for months b/c it was the only thing that worked. I wish there was a magic answer to it all. Not to mention I am sure the reflux doesnt help. Our preemies seem to need so much comforting, even to sleep and were the same way as far as sleeping in the NICU and then not at home. Todd and I found ourselves asking the same question. Hang in there and let me know if you need anything. Here's to some sleep in LA and MN:)
Keep smiling, it's good for the soul~

Anonymous said...

He knows who his mama is and wants her because she comforts him! Can you divide his iron into two or three doses? My little girl had a terrible time with it. Good luck!

~k~ said...

Very sweet picture :) Glad he's letting you get an hour or two of nighttime rest, too!

Emily said...

We had trouble with Noah not sleeping when he first came home from the NICU too. He would only sleep for an hour at a time and only if held. It was a rough few weeks, and the only thing that finally worked was the Amby Hammock. Good luck!