Thursday, August 17, 2006

Second Peri Appt

Monday I had my second Peri appointment. As you can probably guess, it was uneventful (else I would have already updated).

This time I got to see Dr. Steadman. In Margaret's birthday story, he is the one who told me that I had carried a baby with no chance of survival through the worst odds to a point that she had a pretty good chance... made me cry those happy tears. I really, really like him. And not just because of that incident. He was also the doctor who gave me my first u/s after my rupture. And unlike the OB who admitted me, he was far less pessimistic about the potential outcome of my pregnancy. At the time, his words were like a life-preserver.

I had a very lengthy u/s- both transvaginal and abdominal. Baby looks good: strong heartbeat, saw arms and legs, kicking and doing flips. During the u/s the tech and doc both mentioned that I have an abnormally shaped uterus. Dr. Steadman said it isn't so abnormal as to cause problems and "we" aren't going to worry about it.

My cervix looks good. Measured 3.6 cm and is closed. Totally normal.

During our chat while he did the u/s he said that my course of treatment was based on the assumption that I am going to rupture again this time. They are going to watch me very closely and he said I can start to exhale at about 28 weeks. Then he went on to say that he thinks I ruptured last time as a result of my amnio. I can't tell you what a huge relief it was to hear that. I have been waiting so long to hear that something, anything was the cause of my rupture. I can't describe the weight lifted from my shoulders. (even though I'm not sure I'm convinced)


Margaret said...

For what little its worth I totally agree with the doc about the amnio! Any little body parts showing on the ultrasound, like a little peenie?

Lisa said...

No, I saw the doc looking around in that area but I didn't see anything tell-tale and I don't think the doc did either.

Kellie said...

I'm happy to hear your appt went so well. Here's to many more months of great peri appts. Great cervical numbers **betcha don't hear that one too often** Let us know if any part are showing at your next u/s!