Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another Appointment

Third Peri appointment this morning. I saw Dr. Steadman again and I think they are trying to keep me with him for the duration. Which is fine with me, you know he is my favorite.

First, I am gaining well! Yay! BUT my blood pressure was rather high for me... 129/95 yikes! I'm hoping it is just that I was so nervous about my appointment. They didn't seem worried about it since I haven't had any headaches, swelling, blurred vision, etc. I have a blood pressure cuff here so I can check if I start to get nervous.

My cervix is still closed and long- a little longer than last time at 3.8 cm. Dr. S said that the pressure I felt last weeek was probably normal and not to worry about it.

The baby is measuring about a week ahead which is more in line with my thoughts about when my due date should be. All anatomy looked good.

Gender... well, the baby was being shy. The doc couldn't see anything. The u/s tech said she thought she could tell but the umbilical cord was getting in the way. So she was 60% sure... only 10% more than the normal 50/50. Not such good odds. So, I don't know if I should write here what she thinks she saw or not. So I guess I won't. Dr. S said at my next appointment he will be able to tell with certainty. I'm still not going to be painting anything pink or blue!

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k said...

Aw! I was hoping to hear what the new monkey will be :( I'm going to guess anyway... PINK! I hope the mixed news you got at this appointment turns to nothing but good at the next!