Thursday, August 24, 2006

Baby Radar and Finding Food

Margaret has developed some sort of baby radar which directs her to the most dangerous item in the room. I have to remain ever vigilant or I find her playing with (eating) electrical plugs, small plastic items, dead bugs. And I think I have gotten rid of everything dangerous! Somehow she can find things invisible to me. Today she is intent on pulling down the mini-blinds and curtains in the living room/play room. They need to come down in preparation for painting the room anyway. So I'm appreciating the help.

Also, a couple of days ago I caught Margaret on the floor chewing on the remains of a plum I had put on the coffee table wrapped in a napkin until my next trip to the kitchen. She was covered with drool and complained bitterly when I took it from her. This got me thinking. She always eats whatever she finds on the floor... tiny parts of leaves, tiny pieces of paper, etc. My baby who CRIES when she sees a spoon coming toward her will gladly eat anything she finds on the floor.

So I set up a "trap". I placed a plum that I had partially skinned on the floor where I knew she would find it. And find it, she did. Upon finding her treasure, she began gnawing it and carried it around with her for half an hour- eating it off and on. Am I going have to feed this baby by letting her find all her food? I hope not.

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1 comment:

Margaret said...

Sounds like she is a little "hunter/gather." With four teeth she might be ready to try our her "rabbit" skills with a carrot.