Friday, July 07, 2006

So sick and Margaret update

Ugh. I remember being sick with Margaret but not like this. Maybe it is because I am so tired from taking care of her all day and trying to work at night and early morning? I hope it goes away soon. I was sick into my fourth month with Margaret but maybe since I feel worse, it will be of shorter duration. Here's to hoping!

Today I got an email from an internet friend, Mom of Margaret's "boyfriend". She told me that she thinks I'm going to go far in this pregnancy- a hunch she has. Let's hope she is right. It felt so good to hear that kind of reassurance from someone! I know I'm going to do everything I can to get as far as possible.

Margaret is doing so well with her eating lately! She now will eat half a cup of oatmeal and cereal for breakfast, a whole stage 1 jar for lunch, and a little finger foods for dinner in addition to her formula. She is really starting to lengthen and slim as babies do when they grow into toddlers. I look at her old pictures and think that she looked downright chubby back then (even though she really wasn't). Now her cheeks are starting to decrease in size and any hint of chub is gone.

She has also started to scoot on her bottom. All along her PT has said she thought Margaret would be a scooter rather than a crawler because of her low tone in her arms. It seems that this has started to happen. Now she likes to rotate around on her bottom and has started to try to scoot forward. It is very cute but I still wish she would crawl. Now during "tummy time" she just lays there and takes a rest. Sometimes she will push up on her arms but mostly she will either roll over or just have some quiet time. At times I thought she was just going to fall asleep.

The baby calls!

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Tavis and Stephen never did crawl.

Aunt Vicki