Tuesday, July 25, 2006

And then there were three

Margaret finally popped that third tooth. It is her top right tooth and I can barely see a corner of it when she looks at the ceiling (still doesn't allow fingers in there). I knew it was there because she is into grinding the little corner against her bottom teeth. Shiver...

She teethes so sloooowly. Her bottom two teeth popped through about two months ago and they are still not quite half way up. We are just now starting to be able to see them when she smiles at us.

Second OB appt this morning was uneventful. He asked how the Peri appt went and I told him about their treatment plan. He didn't seem offended at all. Also, I'm going to see their pg couselor... seems as though I am a *little* anxious about this pregnancy. Or maybe I'm just nuts. Heehee!

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