Monday, July 24, 2006

First Peri Appt

So, I am so glad that I didn't listen to my apparently stupid OB and pushed to see the Perinatologist. This morning I went to my first appointment and saw Dr. Newman. He remembered me from my hospital bedrest and took the time to ask a million questions about my history and about what happened last summer with my pregnancy.

He wants to see me every other week starting in three weeks. I will receive a transvaginal ultrasound to evaluate my cervical condition. He mentioned having a cerclage but he says that if preterm labor (contractions) caused my water to break last time, a cerclage can do more harm than good. It is only an option they do for incompetent cervix. We still have some time to consider it since I am only 11w along and they place them closer to 15-16 weeks.

I am on prophylactic antibiotics for the duration of my pregnancy just in case an infection was what caused the rupture.

And lastly, the reason I'm showing so much so soon is that I have a fibroid the size of a grapefruit on my uterus. He says that it should cause no problems with the pregnancy but they will keep an eye on it.

I am very happy with the visit. And I'm relieved that someone in the medical field thinks we shouldn't just "wait and see". I want to dump my ob but won't, I guess, now that I am happy with my care somewhere else. I feel sorry for the women who don't know any better and trust his advice about pregnancy after PPROM. "The cervix and breaking of water are two unrelated things." Ugh.


k said...

Yeah, Lisa! At least you know you're doing all you can for a term pg. It's great to hear the peri will be following you so closely! GL- I check all the time to see how you're doing :)

Kim (from BC Preemie Land)

Kellie said...


I'm so glad to hear that you had such a great peri appt. Finally someone takes a pPROM woman seriously for once. I'm sure it felt nice to be cared for like you deserve (and little monkey deserves too!). It sounds like this peri will keep a short leash on you and follow you right on up to a 40 week pregnancy :) Hugs and belly rubs to you and the baby and quick teething vibes to Miss Margaret.

Amanda said...

Just checking in. Glad to see you were able to see peri and hoping that you continue with an "uneventful" pregnancy!
Amanda (from BC Preemie Board)