Sunday, April 01, 2007

Three Things

Three things have recently made a big impact in the life of my daughter. At least she thinks so...

First, we have Squiddo. I had been eyeing this toy for a little while and asked my husband to look at it when he went to the store last weekend. Yeah, he came home with it. I just think it is so cute! It is a neoprene "squid" with a zipper container as a mouth. Inside the mouth you store four "squid baby" train cars that hook together by magnets. Also included are tracks for the "train" and a rope/magnet device that you can use to pull the cars on the track.

Margaret LOVES Squiddo. She frequently carries him around and they have many adventures. He also gets lots of hugs and kisses. Sometimes in the evening when I am cleaning up, I'll hide him in a place that she is sure to look so that I can hear her squeal with delight when she finds him! The Squid is also good for tummy time for William. It is big and bright enought that it gets his attention and motivates him to lift his(giant)head. I love this toy.

Second, we have our new play pool. Margaret is a water girl. Bath, sink, rain, sprinklers are all causes of celebration and this pool has put her over the edge. She absolutely loves it, especially the squirt-y parts and the slide. I love watching her in it, playing until she shivers. And she still cries when we take her out. Yes, it is already summer here!

Third, is Margaret's new toddler bed. Since she doesn't sleep in her crib, we decided to take it down and get her a toddler bed. She doesn't know what to think of it yet. And I'm unsure about how to get her to sleep in it, but she certainly is enjoying climbing in and out.

Putting it together was big fun, too.


Jennifer said...

OMG - I love that pool!

Where did you get it? Arianna has some big sensory problems with water, but something like that might make good therapy play!

chanin said...

whoa! so much is happening, so fast- a STEP! a SMILE! woooo hooooo!

i simply must have the squid toy that stores train babies in its mouth. no wonder margaret loves it- who WOULDN'T? and, i really want the pool island. that looks like mini-vegas! wow, water toys have evloved so, since the slip- and slide.........

Misty said...

Oh! Everything is so cute! Margaret first of all! Where did you get that pool? And the squid toy looks adorable too! Glad that it helps motivate William to lift his head :) And although i haven't really heard much from Margaret, I can hear a little girl squeeling when finding something special!! Aww..:) Let me know about the pool! or pp is good too!

Lisa said...

Hi everybody,
We got both the pool and the Squiddo at Target. I have tried to find a link to post have not been able to find the pool online. If I do, I'll be sure to link my post!