Thursday, March 29, 2007

First Smile!

My babies are working really hard this week!

William gave me his first awake smile this morning. For a while he has been yawning whenever he looks (can find) me and I thought that was really weird. He'd meet my gaze and immediately yawn. David had wondered outloud if maybe William was trying to smile and getting mixed up. I'm not sure if that is what it is but this morning William found my face for a second, gave a little smile, and then promptly yawned. I gave him a kiss and then he did it again.

I'll try to capture this if/when he does it again but you know how hard it is to catch a fleeting grin on film.


Amanda said...

YEAH! Lots of wonderful milestones to celebrate with both kids recently! Enjoy every moment :-)

Jennifer said...

Baby smiles are the best - I'm so very glad you get them from both your kids now.


tiffany said...

I am so proud of William! And congrats to you for doing such a fine job with them both!

23wktwins'mommy said...

YAY! This is so exciting. Serena and Edwin started a little while ago, and just today Edwin smiled the most he has ever...probbaly like 50 times? who knows...haha. It melts my heart everytime they do it. Yay for smiles and steps!