Tuesday, March 13, 2007


As a preemie Mom, I have appreciated every single milestone that Margaret has accomplished. She has done such a great job for a baby who "will never make it". Thinking about how she came into this world has only made me more aware of every little advancement in her skills.

But, let me tell you, having a baby who has a prognosis of disability makes you appreciate every single fraction of a milestone. I've heard them called "inchstones" and there couldn't be a better word to describe them.

So, today I celebrate William's inchstones:
Holding head at midline when he is on his back!
Sucking on his fingers
Staring at the toys on his play gym
Reciprocal kicking
Hands in open, relaxed posture
More flexion than extension

What a good baby!


Jennifer said...

I am so happy you can see all of those things. There are days when even I struggle with that. Congrats mama! Enjoy your little surprises :)

Reg said...

It's so good to hear that William is accomplishing so much. Both of your adorable kids definitely have a fighting spirit. Hug them both for me.