Monday, April 09, 2007

Fifteen Blankie Day

Margaret is a Blankie Girl. She doesn't have one particular blanket that she loves, rather she loves all Amy Coe flannel receiving blankets (sold at Target). She has about eight of them which is good because she likes to have a clean one whenever she has a nap or goes to bed. We keep them on a shelf under her changing table so that she can get a new one whenever she feels like it. On days when she is feeling bad, she will get two or three blankies and carry them around with her. I can usually tell how sick she is by how many blankies she has with her.

So last week, the plague started. Margaret was hit first and hit hard. She was the most miserable I have ever seen her although her only symptom at the time was a fever. Tuesday she came out of her room carrying a record seven blankies, a huge pile. For the rest of the week, she felt better but still not great. Her fever subsided and became nasal congestion and a nasty cough. Today, she is showing that her ears are hurting again. It is a four blankie day for her.

Mommy got the plague second. Same thing as with Margaret, a fever (102.5!) and achy all over. Now I've got a nagging cough and nasal congestion. The first couple of days, I felt worse than I have in a long, long time. But now I'm down to about four blankies.

Poor William is on his second or third day of the plague. He is having a hard time. Throwing up every feed and all his meds just makes him feel even worse. Add a terrible diaper rash and you just have a miserable little baby. I wish Margaret's blankies could make him feel better. He'd need about seven, I think.

I'll be so glad when this passes. Summer can't come fast enough.


Johnette said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you are all sick. We are too. William's had the sinuses and ear and I got sick just in time to get off for the Easter Holiday. I'm getting better, but still feel yucky and can't breathe at times. Hope everyone is better soon!!

tiffany said...

OMG! What is the deal with gathering numerous blankets together. Liam must gather at least 3 or 4 big ones and then tries to walk down the hall of course tripping on them...yelling "manky" the whole time. (For blankie).

I love this post! So sorry to hear about Margaret's cold though. We're dealing with a 3 blankie one right now.

Meghann said...

I hope the plague gets out of your house soon! We had it a month or two ago. It was awful.

Feel better!