Monday, September 11, 2006


It is looking more and more likely that our family will be moving soon. David has been interviewing with several companies and has gotten two very, very good offers that would involve moving. These also involve a career change that would have him spending 2-4 nights away from us every week. And although it would be nice to move away from here and closer to our families, I have some pretty big concerns.

#1 Margaret (of course)
Right now we have an understanding pediatrician. She has never made any comments about Margaret's weight even though she is less than 3% weight to height and technically "Failure to Thrive". I don't agree with the FTT diagnosis for most babies, especially preemies. And I'm afraid that it will be hard to find a pediatrician that feels the same way. I really worry about getting into a situation that a doctor makes me feel like I have to force feed Margaret again because she is thin for her height according to the ridiculous American growth charts. I guess if worse comes to worse, we will just have to visit lots of pediatricians to find one who has the same philosophies as I do about Margaret's weight.

#2 This New Monkey
I really worry about changing Perinatologist care in the middle of my pregnancy. The (much bigger) city we will be moving to will have plenty of top notch medical care for myself and any potential preemie... I guess I just get stuck in my ways. Luckily, my current Peri did his residency at a medical university in the new city and I'm sure will have plenty of references for me if we move. I really hate to leave his care, though. You all know how much I like him.

#3 Stress on my Husband and Marriage
I know that David will miss Margaret accutely when he has to spend time away from home. I hope it isn't too much for him. And although he is the best husband I could have ever dreamed of, I worry about the strain on our marriage because of spending so much time away from me. I love my family so much... there is nothing worth risking that.

#4 Stress of Moving on Me
I won't go into details... just the normal worries for someone who is pregnant for the first time after having a preemie.

I just hope that everything turns out fine...


tiffany said...

Oh that is such a tough one Lisa. I don't know which way to recommend. I hope it all works out and that the benefits outweigh the cons.

Margaret said...

You and David and Margaret, Rudy and Daisy will do well which ever way you go! Tell yourselves to dream about the decision and see what happens.
About Margaret, Lee said she looks so much like my two baby pictures as a one year old, size and everything. Skinny is healthy! See you in four days.

Reg said...

I would hate to see you leave but you guys would be fine. Think of it as an adventure.