Thursday, September 28, 2006

20 weeks

Twenty weeks today. Usually the halfway mark, I pray that I am no more than 66% done with my pregnancy.

At my Peri appt on Tuesday, Dr. Jakel gave me a prescription for a drug called P17 or hydroxyprogesterone. I will receive it by injection once a week... and I had my first injection this morning. Yow. My hip still hurts. The fun part is that David is going to have to give them to me. I was thinking that I could do it myself but the needle is just too long to do in my thigh. We will manage.

Margaret is doing something lately that I just have to mention. She is absolutely and completely obsessed with clocks- to the point that she can't eat if there is a clock in the room. She squeals with delight and grabs at my shirt while trying to launch herself out of my arms when she sees one. Her eyes get as round as saucers. I have no idea where this came from. It is the cutest!

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Reg said...

Stay positive!!!
As for Margaret, I can just picture her doing that. How cute!!