Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Make it five... almost six

Yep! One of Margaret's eye teeth popped through today and it is looking like the other will come through tomorrow. She has been a good baby other than the sleeplessness. Thank goodness. Mommy is tired.

I bought the new baby its first outfit this past weekend. It was not a preemie size or even a newborn size. I chose the 0-3.... living in everlasting optimism. I think all will be fine!

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Amanda said...

Congratulations on the teeth! Hailey still only has her bottom two
I had to smile when you said you bought a 0-3 months baby outfit, skipped right over preemie and newborn. Thats the way to do it! You will be bringing him home in it a couple days after birth!
Sending some baking vibes!!!!