Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mixed Day

Today has been a strange one.

First let me say "Happy Birthday" to my Mother, Grandma. She has been such a wonderful shoulder to lean on this past incredibly hard year. Thank you, Mama.

So one year ago today my water broke when I was 22w6d pregnant with Margaret. It was the worst day in my entire life, without a doubt. When I was admitted into the hospital, the doctor told me that my pregnancy was "non-viable", a word I wish I never knew. He continued on to say that I would lose the baby probably within the next 24 hours or certainly within the next week. Luckily that did not happen. The last time I saw that doctor, Dr. Andrews, he was making rounds on me in the hospital almost five weeks later. He came into my room, sat down on my little sofa, and told me that what I had done was nothing short of a miracle... I had carried a baby who basically had no chance of survival through the worst odds into a situation where her chances were pretty good. Shortly after that visit, I delivered Margaret.

I think about that night my water broke everyday. I can't believe how unlucky we were and then, on the flip side, how lucky I was to not deliver that first week.

As a reward for such a terrible experience, I am now the Mommy to the most wonderful little girl in the world, Margaret. She was named after my Mommy, the most wonderful Mommy in the world.

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