Sunday, June 25, 2006

Two Lines

I can hardly believe it. Took the test on a lark and there they were, two lines. No taking the stick to look at under multiple light sources or demanding of David, "Do you see two lines?!" No doubt about it. Two lines.

Now I have to get to the doc as soon as possible. I have no idea, really, of how far along I am. I am guessing around 10 weeks based on symptoms.

Speaking of symptoms, I'm feeling awful. I don't remember feeling so bad with Margaret. I actually have thrown up today. I'm worried about this because I have to present a paper at lab meeting on Wednesday morning. It won't go over well if I have to leave or, even worse, throw up in the actual meeting. I'm hoping the doc can phone me in a script even if he can't see me until after Wednesday.

I'll update when I get appointments.

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