Saturday, December 16, 2006


This morning we took our sweet baby girl to the mall for a picture with Santa. That's right. Germ phobic Mama takes still recovering preemie to the mall to be handled by someone who has handled other germ-bags all day long! My need to have a picture of my dressed up daughter screaming in the hands of a bearded stranger won over the paranoia.

We were almost successful getting the classic screaming baby photo. But Margaret only screamed for about 30 seconds and they didn't take the picture fast enough. (I guess most parents want their kids to smile?) So the resulting picture is of Margaret as stiff as a board looking slightly uncomfortable and a little blotchy. Santa, on the other hand, looks completely evil. I couldn't have hoped for a better picture.

(will post pic as soon as I can get dh to scan it... how did I go from being able to program in C++ to not being able to operate our scanner????)


Meghann said...

Glad Margaret got to see Santa. Next year you'll be wrangling two of them, lol!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she'll cry for him next year, LOL!

I can't wait to see her picture!

Reg said...

I think mine has cried for 5 straight years so I can understand you're desire for the screaming pic. Next year will be even more fun..