Saturday, December 16, 2006

A rough patch

Mr. William is through his "honeymoon" period at the NICU and has started working through some typical preemie issues and giving his Mommy a hundred heart attacks.

William had to be put back on a high flow cannula after his room air trial. He started to have lots of apnea/bradycardia episodes and is continuing to have many of them a day. I'm hoping this is all short lived and we can get on with the business of feeding and growing.

His weight is up to 3 pounds and 11 ounces so he is still gaining well. He has also stopped having any problems with the HMF, thank goodness. I really didn't want to have to battle about that. I am very lucky that our hospital does not release babies on fortified bm... so he will be weaned to non-fortified milk before discharge.

I'm watching the timing of his a/bs carefully to see if there is any connection between them and his feeding... just in case he is refluxing.

One more week until his next cranial ultrasound. He should also begin attempting to nipple (bottle feed or breast feed) next week. I'm hoping these things go well.

Margaret, David, and I have all been sick. I am starting to feel better now but Margaret's lungs still sound pretty bad. David has started his third round of antibiotics today.... I'm hoping that he starts to feel better soon.

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Meghann said...

Glad to hear he's tolerating the HMF better! And man is he packing on the weight. I hope the a's and b's are just his way of keeping things interesting for a little while.

p.s.-you have been blogrolled. :-)