Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Bad News

I swear, I'm just going to stop taking William to the doctor. It always seems like it is one kick in the gut after another.

I have known for a while that William's vision is not normal. But with all his swiping at toys and tracking things, I had started to get very hopeful that he had a lot of functional vision. Yesterday was William's second Ophtho appointment. It was very dissappointing. When the doctor's first question after her exam is, "Have you applied for SSI?", you just know what's coming next is no good.

His right optic disc now is appearing paler than it had before indicating optic nerve atrophy rather than hypoplasia. She didn't think it would get any worse but couldn't guarantee me that. She said that she approximates 20/400 vision with his better eye (the left) and quite a bit worse with his right. The doctor did not think that glasses would help much, if at all. Add initial signs of Cortical Vision Impairment and his visual prognosis is not promising.

So, he is officially considered legally blind now. I hate this.

Later today, I am going to post some good news!


Jessica said...

Oh Lisa! I am so sorry! I feel just aweful for you. Please know little William and your family is in my prayers....

Jennifer said...


I am very sorry to hear you got more bad news, but I know you are strong and can get by this.

I know you also know there are many people in the world that function well despite being labeled 'legally blind'.

It's all 'wait and see'. I hope you get good news soon!

Lisa said...

Hi, Lisa.

I am sorry that William's appointment didn't have better news.

I was thinking about you on Mother's Day and what an exceptional mom and person you are. William and Margaret are both so lucky to have you as a mom(and you to have them).

I can't wait for your good news later. I know I have told you this before (and more than once), but I so enjoy your blog.


Mel said...

I am so very sorry!

tiffany said...

Ditto all the previous posts. You are an exceptional mom and you will get through this.

Johnette said...

I am so sorry! My heart breaks for you and your little man. He is such an incredible little boy who is so lucky to have a family like yours. Know that you are in our prayers and thoughts.

Nancy Brown said...

While I am not 100 pecent in the same boat I know how hard it gets when you walk in and there is something wrong again. It is never ending with these preemies. Ty just got his eye perscription. He is almost right thee with being legally blind. We are at a -9. I think -13 is legally blind. I am not sure. I hope things get better.

Jacqui said...

Hi Lisa,

I've often thought about just avoiding the docs. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I'm sorry to hear about William's eye sight. I hope that the initial indications of CVI are wrong.


carla said...

I know how you feel. My son has CVI and got his first pair of glasses at 10 months--a prescription of -9 so that he would tolerate them better at first. One of his first eye doctors also told us that glasses would not help but we didn't listen to his ignorance. Jacob is 7 now with a prescriptiion of -13. He is considered legally blind but his vision has improved over the years (or he is learning to use the vision that he has better). Now his vision problems are just bad enough to get him into the School for the Blind which helps deal with his other issues as well.
Well take care and good luck,