Thursday, January 25, 2007

Well, that stunk

Let's just leave it as Margaret doesn't do well when she comes out of anesthesia. They told us to expect her to be "fussy" for half an hour after they placed her tubes. Not our girl, she was hysterical for close to two hours. She refused to eat (even though she hadn't eaten in nine hours) and then just kind of "passed out" from crying so much.

When she woke up, she was still a little upset so I gave her another dose of Tylenol and a bottle. Margaret calmed down enough to cuddle with me on the floor while watching Monsters, Inc. for a good chunk of the afternoon.

Monkey girl must be feeling pretty good now, though, because she is orchestrating the room while shouting. She should be sleeping. I should be sleeping.

Margaret in her first hospital gown (before surgery):

After surgery... very upset baby:

William and Daddy (for good measure):


~k~ said...

Glad to hear she's back to herself ;) But sorry she had such a rough time coming out from under. I hope you're both finally asleep! Long day for you, mama of 2.

~k~ said...
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~k~ said...

OK- so I've stalked you blog... I posted before I saw the great pictures! She has such a sweet little face, and there is no way you can deny she's your's! Quite the resemblence when you're both exhausted! William looks wonderful but so tiny, still, in his daddy's arms.

I deleted my comment because I wanted to add that my girl has the same gown :) Did you keep your's too?

Reg said...

Bless her little heart. She really is a little trooper so is her little brother. I hope you get some rest.

Margaret said...

Poor mommy and daddy. You both look so tired. Hope the family recovers soon. Your children are Beautiful!

Meghann said...

Good to hear she is back to the business of being a toddler. And William is a beautiful boy! He'll be home before you know it.

tiffany said...

Oh poor bunny! She looks so miserable afterwards. I hope she has a quick recovery and that the tubes help her out this winter. - Tiffany