Thursday, April 29, 2010

The future is now

So, when William was first diagnosed with PVL at 4 weeks old, his neurologist told me he would likely have seizures. And then after his stroke, I knew that the likelihood was even greater. Well, yep, my Man had his first known seizure last Friday. It was very short but those couple of minutes were like an eternity. I was so terrified that it wouldn't stop and he would end up in the hospital again.

But it did stop and I took him to the ER. They observed for several hours and took blood samples. Then we were sent on our way. Thank goodness.

Mister has been in a really great mood since then (crazy, I know). And his very much increased dose of Keppra (he was on a "preventative" low dose before) has decreased his retching significantly.

I'm hoping to do a good update on us all soon. Things are going well with much progress being made since his stroke.


Emily said...

We've dealt with a lot of different issues with Noah, but I always felt the most powerless during seizures. I'm so sorry that you're dealing with them too. Even if it was expected doesn't mean it's fun. Is there another medication that they could try instead that might decrease the side effects?

Katy said...

Well, glad that helped. So glad to hear that William is chugging along and making progress.

Erin said...

Better mood and less retching... hoping these side-effects continue!

Looking forward to the update post. As you know, I think of you and Mister all the time and am thrilled that he is making steady progress.

Anonymous said...

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