Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fisher Price School Bus

In an attempt to keep Margaret from digging up the houseplants and eating the catfood here at Mom's, I set out yesterday to buy her a new toy. Initially, I had planned to purchase the FP Sweet Sounds Home because it has a Mommy, Daddy, and baby included. She has been very interested in all things baby lately. But when I went to the store, they had none! I poured over the toy isles and finally settled on the FP School Bus, patially due to the many pictures I have seen of Eden and Holland enjoying theirs'.

I expected Margaret to enjoy the bus as she does all the Little People things I have gotten her. What I did not expect was that the bus comes with a wheelchair! I was so excited when I extracted it from the box... (why does it take near-surgery to remove kid's toys from their boxes???)

We are now going on 18 hours mischief-free, so the bus is a hit. She has enjoyed pushing it around and adding riders from her other toys. Right now it is filled with a selection of plastic bugs (Dollar Tree). One of her favorites, a huge black spider is riding proudly in the wheelchair. This makes me so happy. It really is the little things that can be so important, isn't it?


Jacqui said...

Wow. The fisher price bus is apparently a therapists must as all the therapists we see have one. But I've never seen one with a wheelchair. Maybe this is a new addition. But terribly exciting.

It's always the small things that give the biggest thrill.

Jessica said...

Glad to hear Margaret likes her school bus. My kids have liked it too, and it even has the handicapped access in the back! Very cool.

Angela said...

I noticed the wheelchair on that bus in the store one day. I had tears -- I regret not buying it then, but since you've reminded me of it I may have to hit Wal-Mart this weekend! I am so happy Margaret loves her new toy!!!

The Guinn Triplets said...

What a cute toy!

Anonymous said...

Shopping the cheap battery,you can see from here.